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Can't We Find A Better Way To Select Candidates?



A better way to run for president

By Cal Thomas

Tribune Content Agency

The frustration of many voters over the way presidential candidates are selected has come to a head with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the presumptive nominees of their respective parties.

If this is the best we can do, maybe we should consider a better way.

Hamilton and the Musical

Hamilton: Lessons from the man and the musical

By Cal Thomas

Tribune Content Agency

The popularity of the hit Broadway musical “Hamilton” offers us all an opportunity to consider the wisdom of one of our most prolific Founding Fathers — while we wait in line for tickets.

Alexander Hamilton, like the rest of our Founders, provided the solution to dysfunctional, overreaching and costly government, long before it became dysfunctional, overreaching and costly.

What Have We Lost?

Losses without gains

By Cal Thomas

Tribune Content Agency

“If you won’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.” — quote attributed to numerous sources


Historically, when our nation has transitioned from one way of life to another, there has usually been some optimism about what was to come. That was true at the time of the American Revolution and it was true as we moved from an agrarian society toward the Industrial Revolution in the mid-18th through mid-19th centuries.

Obama The Dictator

Obama's gender warning: The fundamental transform of our country is accelerating

Bathrooms and Commom Sense

A Trump "Shadow Cabinet"?

A shadow cabinet for Trump

By Cal Thomas

Tribune Content Agency

Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, has broken just about every political rule and precedent this election cycle, so what difference would it make if he broke one more?

If Trump wants to gain credibility with voters who are either wary of or vehemently opposed to him becoming president, he should borrow from the British system and name a shadow cabinet.

Socialism's False Promise

Socialism’s false promise

By Cal Thomas

Tribune Content Agency

Given its track record, one wonders why socialism is gaining in popularity in the U.S. and what appeal it has to a generation that, apparently, knows little about it.

Blame for Trump

Whom to blame for the rise of Trump?

By Cal Thomas

Tribune Content Agency

Dr. Frankenstein created the monster that bore his name and if Dr. Jekyll had not conducted those experiments in his laboratory, Mr. Hyde would never have emerged to terrorize London.

In literature, we know whom to blame for the monsters, but who is to blame for the rise of Donald Trump? Is he the “monster” the elites say he is?


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