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Trump and McConnell

The Trump-McConnell detente

By Cal Thomas

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Pence's Calm Influence

Trump head, Pence tail

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Suppressing Speech At Seattle Law School

Censorship in Seattle

By Cal Thomas

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If it were a plague, the government would rush to quarantine the infected, as occurred during Europe’s Black Death in the 14th century.

An immigration debate at Seattle University School of Law is a plague of a different sort, but deadly in a different way. The victim here is the right to free speech.

Harvey Weinstein

Why criticize Harvey Weinstein?

By Cal Thomas

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“Where there is no revelation, people cast off restraint; but blessed is the one who heeds wisdom’s instruction.” (Proverbs 29:18)

Ancient wisdom from a Higher Authority, which is available to anyone who takes the time to consider it, was provided to constrain people like Harvey Weinstein from acts he has been accused of committing.

Coolidge and Taxes

In school, I liked math the least and history the most. Both can be useful in the coming debate over President Trump's proposed tax reforms.

Evil In Las Vegas

Defining evil

By Cal Thomas

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Responding to the recent Las Vegas concert shooting that killed more than 50 people and injured hundreds more, President Trump described the act as one “of pure evil.”

One definition of “evil” sounds so inadequate in today’s culture: “morally wrong or bad; immoral; wicked: evil deeds, an evil life.”

Vietnam Revisited

The Vietnam War revisited

The NFL Protests

Unnecessary roughness

By Cal Thomas

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If you like professional sports, a major reason — perhaps THE reason — you attend games, or watch them on TV, is that it helps you escape from whatever occupies your mind the rest of the week. You certainly don’t want the issues of the day encroaching on your enjoyment.


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