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Desperation Tactics

The left is running on empty

By Cal Thomas

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A History Lesson From Kavanaugh

A history lesson

By Cal Thomas

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They don’t teach history, at least American history, like they did when I attended public school. That’s why the recent hearings on Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to become an associate justice on the U.S. Supreme Court served as a teachable moment.

Repeatedly, Kavanaugh referenced the Federalist Papers, which were essays by the founders that expanded on the legal and moral “mortar” they were using to secure the foundation of the new nation they were creating.

Obama's Return

Obama goes on attack, but arguments fall flat against Trump successes

The Kavanaugh Hearing

Eminently qualified Kavanaugh facing hostile Democrats 

What Does Bipartisanship Mean?

Bipartisanship or caving in?

Unpriestly Behavior

The Catholic Church sex abuse scandal

By Cal Thomas

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Sexual scandals and inappropriate behavior are as old as the Bible. I give you (1 Corinthians 5:1) in which Paul writes: “It is actually reported that there is sexual immorality among you, and of a kind that even pagans do not tolerate: A man is sleeping with his father’s wife.”

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Double standards

By Cal Thomas

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Finding someone in Washington who is nonpartisan and puts the nation’s interests ahead of their own is so rare these days that he or she, if found, might well qualify as an endangered species.

The Future of "Medicine"

The doctor is (not) in

By Cal Thomas

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If you are frustrated by wait times to see your doctor, the cost of health insurance and prescription drugs, just wait until there may be no doctor to see.


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