Common Ground with
Bob Beckel & Cal Thomas

imageCal Thomas is a conservative columnist. Bob Beckel is a liberal Democratic strategist. But as longtime friends, they can often find common ground on issues that lawmakers in Washington cannot.

Common Ground: Rick Perry's political cattle rustling

Bob and Cal chew over Texas governor's luring businesses from other states.

BOB: I see the Republican governor of Texas, Rick Perry, visited my home state of Maryland. He's run TV ads inviting businesses to move to Texas because he claims the business climate in the Lone Star state is preferable to that of Maryland.

Common Ground: Will ObamaCare crash or cruise?

The Affordable Care Act has yet to prove itself the best solution to health care reform.

CAL: "A train wreck" is what Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., has famously called the Affordable Care Act. In the words of a Johnny Cash song, "I hear the train a comin', it's rolling round the bend," and the collision between what was promised and reality will occur on Oct. 1, when the law's health exchanges begin to open.

Common Ground: Egypt Christians need help

In the week since military coup, more than 60 churches have been attacked.

BOB: In the days since the Egyptian military's Aug. 14 crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood, more than 60 Christian churches have been attacked or vandalized, with many set ablaze. Defense Minister Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi has promised to rebuild these churches, but the worldwide Christian community has been virtually silent as Egypt's 10 million Christians face extreme persecution. Why is that, Cal?

Common Ground: Obama 'phony' scandals

Washington would work better if there were less finger-pointing.

CAL: It's amusing to hear Washington politicians and much of the news media selectively use the word "scandal." They seem to be appealing to a standard for judging right and wrong that they have abandoned in most other categories.


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