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New book "What Works"


Solutions ... not theories.

Political progress ... not political posturing.

Instead of the constant jockeying for political advantage, in What Works, author and columnist Cal Thomas focuses on what promotes the general welfare, regardless of which party or ideology gets the credit.

Thomas probes and provides answers to questions like, Why must we constantly fight the same battles over and over? Why don’t we consult the past and use common sense in order to see that what others discovered long ago still works today? And why does present-day Washington too often look like the film Groundhog Day, with our elected officials waking up each day only to repeat identical talking points from previous days, months, and years?

Without letting politics, or ignorance, get in the way, Thomas urges readers to pay attention so that politicians can no longer pick their pockets—literally or intellectually.

What Works is about solutions, not theories. It’s about pressuring political leadership to forget about the next election and start focusing on the needs of the people who work hard to provide for themselves, send their tax dollars to Washington, and want to see the country achieve something of value ... like it has always done.

We KNOW What Works “We haven’t just emerged from a cave and must discover fire or invent the wheel. We have a history, a human and an American history. Why does each generation behave as if it is the first? Why does so much of our politics resemble the film Groundhog Day, in which Bill Murray’s character wakes up each morning to repeat every event of the day before, ad infinitum?”

So begins Cal Thomas, one of the most popular syndicated columnists in America, in What Works. Looking back to see what the past can teach us about political, economic, relational, and spiritual issues that we can solve today, What Works is a needed voice to all who work hard to provide for themselves and wish to see the country again achieve something of lasting value they can pass on to their children and grandchildren ... as our parents and grandparents gave to us. WHAT WORKS Solutions ... not theories. Political progress ... not political posturing.

“It’s no wonder Cal Thomas is the leading writer/columnist in the country today. What Works is
so well done. It is excellence on each page, written by the best.”
—Rush Limbaugh

“You know that old curmudgeonly uncle everyone ignores at holiday time and then someone asks him a question and you realize he knows what he’s talking about? That’s Cal Thomas.”
—Jay Leno

“Cal Thomas’s book What Works reminds us all that the solutions to the nation’s many problems may have already been found.”
—Bob Beckel, Cohost, Fox News Channel’s The Five

“There’s a reason Cal Thomas has so many admirers on both sides of the political aisle—he strives to find common sense with an uncommon sense of humanity, humor, and love of life.”
—Bob Greene, CNN columnist and commentator,
 New York Times bestselling author

“Cal Thomas’s What Works offers a message of hope at this critical juncture in American history.”
—Senator Ted Cruz

“No one applies common sense to America’s problems better than Cal Thomas.”
—Newt Gingrich, Former Speaker of the House

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ISBN 978-0-310-33946-5
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