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Keep Donna

Donna Brazile should stay as DNC boss:

She's smart, funny, attractive and a genuine good person.

The selection of Donna Brazile to replace Debbie Wasserman Schultz as interim chair of the Democratic National Committee is a good choice that should be made permanent. As a conservative, I hope that recommendation doesn’t harm her prospects.

A "Presidential" Speech

Trump thumps Hillary: looking more presidential than ever.

Reaction from conservative talk radio hosts to Donald Trump’s rhetorical blows against Hillary Clinton on Wednesday was instantaneous. Even before the speech concluded, Rush Limbaugh said his email in-box was swamped with overwhelmingly positive responses. “This is what we have been waiting for,” he said characterized the overall theme.

Riots Help Trump

Echos of 1968 play right into the hands of a demagogue.

Could the riots outside rallies for Donald Trump like the one Tuesday night in New Mexico put Donald Trump in the White House?

Though most national polls show Trump trailing Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, many who follow politics closely believe that outside events such as another terrorist attack or convention protests that get out of hand could change that dynamic. And the violence in Albuquerque is starting to turn that possibility into a reality.

Transgender Bathrooms

Transgender bathroom 'guidance' could be last straw: Obama administration has given families turning to alternatives to public school another push.

Three years ago President Obama responded to a question from a White House reporter about why he was unable to force congressional leaders to agree on a measure to replace sequestration. “I am not a dictator,” he said.

GOP co-conspirators set to destroy party

Anti-Trump Republicans should get behind Ted Cruz, not plot a ruinous third-party candidacy.

How far are supporters of Donald Trump willing to go? Apparently some would destroy the Republican Party in order to “save” it.

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