No Boundaries

By Cal Thomas / March 2, 2021 /

What happened to boundaries? By Cal Thomas Tribune Content Agency Every sport has its boundaries. Rules for playing the game may occasionally change, but the boundaries remain. In baseball, a ball hit outside the foul line is out of play. In football, a catch made outside the sidelines is ruled incomplete. All games must be…

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Trump in 2024?

By Cal Thomas / March 1, 2021 /

Trump reloaded By Cal Thomas Tribune Content Agency Former president Donald Trump emerged from 38 days of self-enforced silence for a lengthy speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Orlando, Florida, that was frequently interrupted with boisterous applause and chants from an adoring, mostly white and older crowd. He was spot-on in his…

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Answering Biden’s Question

By Cal Thomas / February 23, 2021 /

What to cut? Plenty By Cal Thomas Tribune Content Agency President Biden has challenged those who oppose the Democrats’ $1.9 trillion bill disingenuously dubbed “COVID relief,” or the more deceitful “American Rescue Plan.” “What would they have me cut?” he asks. Challenge accepted. Even The Washington Post editorial board thinks the spending is too much…

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Rush R.I.P.

By Cal Thomas / February 17, 2021 /

CAL THOMAS-bONUS For release: 02/17/21 (NOTICE: For retransmission or other content delivery inquiries, please contact TCA Customer Service, 1-800-346-8798, The Rush Limbaugh I knew By Cal Thomas Tribune Content Agency The man who picked me up at an airport too many years ago to recall the date asked if I had ever heard of…

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Bill Gates: Let Them Eat (fake) Meat

By Cal Thomas / February 16, 2021 /

Where’s the beef? By Cal Thomas Tribune Content Agency What is it about people who are successful in one field and believe that gives them credence to serve as an expert in a totally unrelated field? Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft and reportedly the fourth richest person on the planet, now self-identifies as a…

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Trump Show Trial

By Cal Thomas / February 15, 2021 /

The Trump trial is bad drama By Cal Thomas Tribune Content Agency If the second impeachment trial of Donald Trump were a play it would close after one performance. The plot is known, the outcome is certain, and the drama is contrived. If it were a film, it might be called “Fifty Angry Senate Democrats”…

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Cuomo Must Go

By Cal Thomas / February 15, 2021 /

Andrew Cuomo’s deadly lie By Cal Thomas Tribune Content Agency The people who hand out Emmy Awards should ask New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to return the one they gave him. Cuomo received an Emmy for what they called his “masterful” COVID-19 press briefings. The media lauded those performances, extolling his honesty and transparency. It…

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Wasteful Spending

By Cal Thomas / February 8, 2021 /

The spending addiction By Cal Thomas Tribune Content Agency The problem with free money is that it leads to an addiction much like an addition to drugs. In the case of the $1.9 trillion “relief” bill that has no Republican support, Congress is the supplier, while those on the receiving end become increasingly addicted to…

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Seize the Time

By Cal Thomas / February 2, 2021 /

Power to the people 2.0 By Cal Thomas Tribune Content Agency During the rebellious ’60s, the slogan “power to the people” became a mantra for the young to protest what they saw as oppression from their elders. Now comes a moment when significant numbers of Americans can exercise real power in ways that will improve…

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Systemic Racism

By Cal Thomas / February 1, 2021 /

Can ‘systemic racism’ be eliminated? By Cal Thomas Tribune Content Agency Second only to his fixation on “climate change” is President Biden’s focus on “systemic racism.” In addition to reinstating mandatory race theory training for federal employees, Biden proposes spending even more money we don’t have to fix a problem beyond the government’s reach. As…

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