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SOTU Choices

Trump’s State of the Union options

Junketing in Puerto Rico

Now playing in Puerto Rico

de Blasio Wants More of Your Money

Cough up, America

The Immigration Speech

The Trump speech and the response

The Future of Brexit is Now

Decision time on Brexit

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Speak English!


For release: 01/01/19


Resolved: To speak English

By Cal Thomas

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“Why can’t the English teach their children how to speak?” asked Professor Henry Higgins in the musical “My Fair Lady.” It’s a good question for Americans, especially millennials.

On a recent flight two young women sat behind me, chattering away rather loudly. In just one minute I counted 16 “likes” and “you knows” from just one of them.

And Now The Boy Scouts

The erosion of what many Americans once believed were the foundations of our country continues apace. They include, but are not limited to, overspending and debt (personal and national), never-ending wars, uncontrolled borders leading to massive immigration with no time for or expectation of assimilation and political divisions that grow wider by the day.

A Rare Act of Bipartisanship on Criminal Justice Reform


For release: 12/20/18


Tough on criminal justice reform

By Cal Thomas

Tribune Content Agency

Republicans and conservatives dating back at least to Richard Nixon have used the slogan “tough on crime” and its corollary “lock ‘em up and throw away the key” as electoral red meat. The problem is what to do when inmates are released with few skills, fewer job prospects and a bleak future that leads some to commit new crimes that land them in prison again at taxpayers’ expense.


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